Letter from Our President

2017 Letter from Dr. Wayne Wolfson

NCMIC will mark 75 years in business in 2021. Wow, what an accomplishment! We are grateful for your loyalty and for making this milestone possible. We appreciate our doctors, our employees and the chiropractic profession, all who play an integral role in our milestone achievements yesterday, today and tomorrow. (Please read about our 2017 highlights.)

Appreciation for Our Doctors

Our doctors continually demonstrate integrity and dedication to this dynamic profession. Many of you stop by events and share with us the number of years you have “been a member” of NCMIC. It is humbling that you consider NCMIC to be much more than an insurance company because that’s exactly what we believe – NCMIC is also an advocate and champion for the profession.

Appreciation for Our Employees

We have an outstanding group of 200+ employees. Each one is passionate about helping you protect and grow your practice. Each one takes pride in NCMIC’s chiropractic roots and looks forward to seeing the company and the profession grow.

2017 brought about some stimulating changes. Pat McNerney retired as CEO after 21 years of leadership. Pat’s high goals, integrity, curiosity and vision led NCMIC to diversify our products and expand our services to meet your needs in this ever-changing landscape. He developed the foundation and framework for NCMIC’s growth. We are very excited that Pat joined our board of directors and will continue to contribute to NCMIC’s – and the chiropractic profession’s —ongoing success.

With Pat’s transition came our new CEO, Mike McCoy, whose focus is on furthering these accomplishments. Mike is well-known and respected in the financial services and insurance industries, and his leadership and mentoring pursuits will inspire us to achieve even greater things. Mike is known for challenging employees to think differently, which will be invaluable in meeting our growth initiatives.

Appreciation for Our Profession

Moving the profession forward is a goal we share, and chiropractic research is so important in this endeavor. Thanks to the enormous generosity of doctors like you who contribute to the NCMIC Foundation, we are making tremendous strides.

Doctors are able to help more patients as clinical knowledge grows and people better understand chiropractic’s safety and benefits. No doubt we all benefit in innumerable ways as research findings convey the value of the chiropractic care we provide.

Please consider contributing to the NCMIC Foundation again this year so we can continue to support chiropractic research. It’s easy to donate by  going to www.ncmicfoundation.org/contribute.

On behalf of our dedicated employees, management and board members, please know that we work every day with a sense of privilege in serving you. Please view our 2017 highlights to see how you inspire us to grow and connect to better serve you today and tomorrow.

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